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Shenzhen Stardeal Industrial Co Ltd established in 2004 is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research development production sale and service of plastic blister tray clamshell packaging plastic box plastic face shield plastic cylinders We are located in Longgang district Shenzhen City China With convenient transportation access Dedicate to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction Our 1 500 square meters dust free workshop has 6 advanced thermoforming machines from Germany and 10 sets of heat sealing machines We assist our customers in developing new...

Categories and Products

Blister Tray

Electronic Blister Tray

Custom electronic clear plastic blister tray with lid OEM design rectangle earphone plastic blister tray Custom white vacuum formed plastic blister tray Custom Electronics Anti-static Blister Inner Tray Custom electronic large blister plastic tray packaging OEM computer mouse plastic blsiter packaging tray Electronic thermoformed blister tray packaging Vape Pen Tray PET Cartridge Blister Clamshell Packs Recycle Vape Pen cbd Blister Cartridge Packaging Tray 0.5 ml Vape Pen Cartridge Blister Clamshell Pack Custom Transparent PVC Electronic Plastic Blister Pack Tray Capsules PVC Clear Tray Blister Packaging for Pill Custom PS Anti-Static Electonic Blister Insert Tray Pack PET PVC hardware inner blister packaging tray Hardware PS plastic blister thermoform trays 

Medical Blister Tray

10 holes capsule clear plastic pill blister tray Clear PVC plastic capsule blister packaging Vacuum Formed Empty Capsules Pill Blister Tray Pack 10 Cavity Tray Medical Pill Capsule Blister Pack Pharmaceutical Clear Empty Blister Packing for Pill Capsules Custom Medical Clear Pill Capsule Blister Pack Tray Pharmaceutical Capsules Blister Tray Pills Plastic Packaging Round Write Plastic Blister Souffle Portion Sauce Cup Disposable Clear Jam Sauce Plastic Blister Cup Container Custom 2ml Ampoule Medical Blister Tray Packaging Custom PVC Medical Blister Vial Ampoule Inner Tray Plastic Clear Capsule Pill Blister Insert Tray Packaging Custom medical white PET ampoule plastic blister tray OEM design medical rectangle plastic insert tray Custom PVC Medical blister pill tray packs Customized Safety Clear Capsule Pill Blister Tray Packs Medication Disposable Plastic Ampoule Vial Insert Tray Medical Blister Plastic Packaging Tray For Vials Recyclable Customized Clear Plastic Blister PETG Tray Customized Clear Plastic Medical PETG Thermoforming Tray 

Cosmetic Blister Tray

Cosmetic clear plastic blister packaging tray Display plastic clear blister cosmetic tray Custom plastic lipstick cosmetic blister tray packaging Custom PS Platic White Blister Tray Custom Makeup Brush Plastic Blister Packaging Trays Customized Clear Cosmetic False Nail Blister Tray Custom Blister Plastic False Nail Packaging Tray Cosmetic makeup brush PET plastic blister tray Custom clear plastic cosmetic blister trays packaging OEM Design White Plastic Cosmetic Blister Trays Thermoforming clear blister false nail packaging tray Cosmetic transparent false nail blister tray Disposable Makeup Brush Blister Plastic Tray Insert Customized cosmetic disposable black blister plastic tray Custom makeup rectangle blister insert tray packaging Customized cosmetic round plastic blister inner tray Custom PET vacuum forming plastic blister trays Custom cosmetic clear vacuum plastic blister tray Custom Cosmetic Insert Blister Thermoformed Plastic Trays Custom Cosmetics Insert Tray Plastic Eyeliner Blister 

Food Blister Tray

Round Sushi Nuts Plastic Blister Packaging Tray Custom chocolate clear lid plastic blister tray Thermoforming truffle clear blister plastic tray Chocolate plastic vacuum forming blister tray Food grade PET plastic blister tray with lid Custom black PP blister plastic insert tray Vacuum formed black plastic blister food tray Food Grade Plastic Candy Blister Tray Packaging 6 Compartment Nuts Sushi Food Blister Packaging Tray Custom Thermoformed Nut Food Blister Plastic Tray Chocolate plastic insert blister packaging tray New Thermoformed Nut Food Blister Plastic Tray Plastic Blister Chocolate Candy Packaging Tray PET PP Custom Truffle Packing Chocolate Blister Tray OEM design disposable PP plastic blister food tray Customize rectangle blister small plastic food trays Food Grade Chocolate Blister Packaging Tray Black Custom PET Sweet Chocolate Blister Pack Tray Customized Clear Plastic Truffle Chocolate Blister Pack Plastic 6 compartment Nut Snack food blister trays 

Toy Blister Tray

Transparent plastic double clamshell packaging Clear toy plastic thermoformed blister tray Toy thermoforming insert blister tray packaging Blister Wax Melt Mold Clamshell Packaging Custom Clear Plastic Candle Clamshell Packaging OEM durable clear pvc blister packaging inner tray Custom 6 compartment wax melt clamshell packaging Custom wax melt candle blister clam shell pack White vacuum forming inner plastic tray Custom Stand Up PVC Tri-fold Blister Clamshell Packs Recyclable single PVC PET blister pack 

Flocking Blister Tray

Customized plastic cosmetic blister flocking tray Make up plastic insert flocking blister tray Vacuum forming plastic blister PS flocking tray Flocking thermoformed plastic blister insert tray Custom Plastic Cosmetic Blister Insert Packaging Tray Custom PS Plastic Flocking Blister Insert Trays Custom Plastic Blister Flocking Inner Tray Packaging Ballpoint pen vacuum forming flocking plastic tray Stationery thermoformed plastic blister insert tray Luxury Cosmetic Plastic Flocking Blister Insert Tray Customized pencil flocking vacuum formed blister insert tray Costom White Velvet Flocking Blister Tray Pack False Nails Blister Insert Tray Pack With Lid Transparent Plastic PVC False Nails Blister Tray Packaging Cosmetics Plastic Packaging Box False Nails Blister Tray Custom Wholesale Wax Melt Clamshell Blister Box Packaging Clear Clamshell Plastic Blister Packaging Wax Melts PET Clear Blister Wax Melt Clamshell Plastic Packaging 

Hardware Blister Tray

Custom thermoformed insert clear plastic tray Hardware square PET plastic insert tray Vacuum formed custom hard plastic tray Custom Hardware Vaccum Plastic Blister Insert Trays Plastic insert single thermoform white blister tray 

Daily Necessities Blister Tray

Custom transparent round plastic blister trays packaging Custom black pen plastic velvet flocked blister tray Baby clear pvc plastic shoe trees Transparent PVC PET baby socks plastic shoe tree Thermoform stackable molded plastic tray inserts 

Clamshell Blister Packaging

Electronic Blister Packaging

Transparent vacuum thermoforming clamshell blister Toothbrush PET clear clamshell blister package Vacuum forming PET double plastic blister packaging Transparent cavity wax melt clamshell packaging Double wax melt clamshell plastic blister package Clear wax melt container plastic blister clamshell packaging Custom earplug plastic blister clamshell packaging Custom electronic clear plastic clamshell blister package Clear vacuum forming plastic blister insert tray Electronic mouse PET blister plastic trays packaging Vacuum Formed PET Double Clamshell Blister Packaging Recyclable Clear PET Plastic Cartridge Clamshell Packaging Custom small PP blister packaging insert tray Custom Vape Cartridge Clear Blister Clamshell Packaging Custom plastic vacuum vape blister clamshell packaging Double plastic clamshell packaging blister cards insert OEM phonecase clear plastic blister clam shell packaging Custom electronic clear clamshell blister packaging PET candle plastic wax melts clamshell packaging Customized 4 cavity wax melt plastic clamshell packaging 

Medical Blister Packaging

Disposable clear trapped double blister packaging OEM pharmaceutical medical clear clamshell blister packaging Custom medicine PET transparent blister tray packaging Vial bottle medical ampoule blister tray plastic Disposable ampoule plastic trays packaging 

Cosmetic Blister Packaging

Transparent plastic candle packaging wax melts clamshells Clear Plastic 4 Cavity Wax Melt ClamShells Mold Cosmetic empty clear plastic eyelash tray Insert eyelash clear plastic tray packaging PET lipstick plastic blister tray inserts 

Food Blister Packaging

Food grade insert plastic cookie blister trays 6 Cavity Wax Melt Containers Plastic Clamshell Packaging Disposable Microwaveable Food PP Plastic Clamshell Biodegradable Plastic Takeaway Food Clamshell Box Food plastic blister insert cookies tray Plastic Food Fruit Clamshell Blister Packaging Box Customized Clear Blister Clam Shell Folded Package Transparent PET plastic macaron blister tray Small clear inner plastic tray with lid Custom Printed Logo Clear PET Plastic Cube Boxes Custom PET Clear Small Square Plastic Folding Boxes Mold bath bomb transparent round clamshell packaging Clear PVC Plastic Square Box With Tray Vacuum sauce jam PP compartment plastic food tray Custom Wholesale Clear Plastic Cube PVC Gift Boxes ODM Waterproof PVC Printing Clear Plastic Cube Boxes Custom Clamshell Blister Packaging Quail Egg Tray Cheap Food Candy Blister Plastic Packaging Boxes Clamshell Clamshell Box Packaging Blister Clamshell Box For Chocolate Transparent Plastic Balls Clamshell Blister Packaging 

Toy Blister Packaging

Custom Toy Plastic Clear Blister Clamshell Packaging 6 Cavity Clear Wax Melt Mould Plastic Box Custom Double Transparent Clear Blister Clamshell Packaging Clear tri folding transparent plastic blister pack Tri-folded plastic toy blister packaging Vacuum forming clear tri fold PET blister packaging Thermoforming slide card toys double blister pack Wholesale Wax Melt Clear Packaging Box Clamshell Transparent Blister Round Wax Melt Packaging Box Clear Transparent Wax Melt Pack Box Container Decoration Ornament Christmas Tree Plastic Balls Sphere PS Decoration Sphere Christmas Tree Ornament Balls Custom Clear Ornament Plastic Christmas Tree Ball Transparent Plastic Bath Bomb Mold Clamshell Blister Bath Bomb Mold Clear Plastic Round Clamshell Hanged thermoforming clear plastic clamshell box Christmas ornament hollow clear plastic balls 

Hardware Blister Packaging

Luxury Plastic Clear Tri-fold Blister Packaging Thermoformed Transparent Blister Tri-fold Clamshell Pack Custom Clear Blister Tools Plastic Clamshell Pack Custom Thermoformed Packaging Hardware Clamshell Blister Stand up clamshell vape pen cartridge blister packaging Clear cavity thermoformed blister cards clamshell 

Daily Necessities Blister Packaging

Custom durable clear PET blister insert tray Custom clear PET plastic blister tray with lid OEM design small black PP blister trays packaging Custom eco friendly clear clamshell packaging Thermoforming small square plastic trays Round gift clear ball bath bomb plastic clamshell Decoration openable transparent plastic hollow ball Wholesale Clear PVC Plastic Rectangle Gift Boxes Customized Durable PET PVC Clear Plastic Gift Box 

Slide Blister Packaging

Electronic Slide Blister Packaging

Custom Trapped Slide Blister Card Packaging Customized Empty Slide Card Blister Packs Hardware blister plastic sliding card packaging Custom rectangle blister sliding card plastic tray OEM design plastic blister printing card packaging 

Medical Slide Blister Packaging

PET plastic transparent sliding blister pack Custom Printing Blister Slide Card Packaging Medical edgefold sliding blister card packaging PET PVC transparent plastic slide card blister Custom PET Clear Electronic Slide Blister Packaging 

Cosmetic Slide Blister Packaging

Custom PET Printed Clear Slide Blister Card Packaging OEM Design Colorful Clear Slide Blister Cards Packaging OEM disposable slide blister card board packaging Custom PVC Edgefold Trapped Blister Toys Card Pack Custom PVC Slide Blister Insert Cards Packaging 

Toy Slide Blister Packaging

Disposable custom plastic slide blister card packaging Custom clear PET sliding blister insert card Transparent Custom Plastic Slide Blister Cards Daily used plastic blister sliding card insert Custom printed clear PET slide blister insert card 

Hardware Slide Blister Packaging

Clear PET PVC plastic edgefold sliding blister Custom Clear PVC Sliding Card Blister Packaging Double thermoformed clear plastic blister clamshell Custom Plastic sliding card blister pack Clear tool empty clamshell blister pack 

Plastic Box

Clear Plastic Box

Custom gift small PVC plastic clear box OEM design small clear acetate plastic box Retail pillow shape hard small plastic clear box Gift craft folding clear plastic pillow box Gift Clear PET PVC Transparent Plastic Box Custom Folding Acetate Gift Plastic Clear PVC Box Custom Gift Plastic Clear PVC Pillow Box PET PVC acetate clear plastic folding packaging Small plastic PVC clear acetate packaging box Hanger fish bait PVC plastic clear acetate box Fishing lure plastic transparent clear PVC box Custom PVC Clear Plastic Box For GIft Custom PVC Clear Plastic Acetate Boxes Custom PVC PET Clear Transparent Plastic Boxes Custom Plastic PVC Pillow Box Custom Small Hanging Clear Plastic Display Box Custom candy sweet clear plastic box packaging OEM custom disposable clear PVC gift box packaging Custom PVC PET Clear Transparent Plastic Acetate Box Candy folding small plastic transparent box 

Plastic Cylinder Box

Custom clear PET plastic cylinder box packaging OEM design clear plastic cylinder container packaging Disposable PET PVC Clear Plastic Cylinder Box Custom Clear Plastic Cylinder Box Custom PVC Plastic Clear Cylinder Boxes Gift display round clear plastic cylinder packaging Transparent small round clear plastic cylinder box Custom transparent plastic PVC cylinder display box Waterproof tube PVC PET round clear plastic cylinder Wholesale PET Candy Storage Clear Plastic Cylinder Box Transparent Plastic Cylinder Packaging Custom Round Transparent Plastic PVC Cylinder Box Custom clear transparent PET plastic cylinder boxes Customized tube blister plastic cylinder box packaging Customized Round Transparent Plastic Cylinder Container OEM round tube transparent lid plastic cylinder box Custom Clear Round Plastic Cylinder Packaging Custom PET Clear Transparent Plastic Cylinder Pack Wholesale Customized PET PVC Transparent Plastic Cylinders Factory Clear Blister Packaging Transparent Plastic Cylinder 

Plastic Print Box

Transparent folding plastic clear gift box Folding PET PVC printed clear acetate gift boxes Offest transparent PVC plastic print box Customized rectangle pvc printed plastic box Disposable clear PET plastic folding box Customized Clear Plastic PVC Packaging Box Gift Folding Clear PET Transparent Plastic Box Custom Cell Phone Case Plastic Packaging Box Hard PVC Clear Acetate Folding Packaging Box Custom Plastic Clear Plastic Folding Packaging Boxes Transparent Gift Clear Plastic PET Plastic Box Transparent PET Custom Plastic Print Boxes Custom Clear Plastic Fishing Lure Packaging Box Clear Fishing Lure Packaging Plastic Display Box Custom Clear Plastic Phone Case Packaging Box Custom Clear PET Packaging Funko Pop Protector Case Folding acetate PET clear plastic cosmetic box Printed cosmetic storage clear plastic gift box 

Plastic Cake Box

Round Plastic Cake Box

Round dome single transparent plastic cake box Transparent round mini moon cake plastic box Round domes transparent clear plastic cupcake box Disposablie Small Round Plastic Cake Box Biodegradable Food Packaging Transparent Cake Box Plastic Clear Dome Mini Cupcake Cake Packaging Box Disposable Round Plastic Blister Cake Box Packaging Cupcake Container Round Clear Transparent Plastic Cake Box Black Base Round Lid Cupcake Clear Cake Box Round Clear Transparent Plastic Cake Box Transparent Clear Plastic Round Small Cupcake Cake Container Disposable Round Food Grade PET Clear Cake Box Square Black Gold Clear Plastic Cake Box 

Triangle Plastic Cake Box

Bakery slice clear triangle plastic cake box Plastic food container clear triangle PET cake box Triangle small plastic transparent cake box Clear Plastic Triangle Cake Box Clear Biodegradable Transparent Plastic Triangle Cake Box Disposable Clear Plastic Cake Containers Factory Wholesale Disposable Clear Plastic Triangle High Quality Triangle Clear Plastic Pet Cake Container 

Rectangle Plastic Cake Box

Recyclable Clear Transparent Plastic Square Cake Boxes Custom Blister Rectangle Clear Plastic Cake Box Clear Plastic Packaging Box Cake Cup Square Clear Plastic Yogurt Cup With Lid Diposable Cheap Small Square Plastic Cake Box Rectangle Clear Plastic Dessert Cake box 

Protective Face Shield

Kids Face Shield

Disposable plastic transparent splash face shield Plastic PET anti-fog medical clear face shield Custom Full Kid Clear Plastic Face Shield Visor Adjustable full protective transparent face shield Safety anti fog plastic clear face shield visor 

Adult Face Shield

Protective visor disposable clear face shields Disposable safety transparent plastic face shield Reusable Plastic Transparent Protective Full Face Shield Anti fog Transparent Plastic Protective Clear Face Shield Reusable Clear Plastic Full Protective Face Shield Visor Custom anti splash PET clear face shield mask Custom Safety Clear Plastic Adult Full Face Shield Adult protective plastic visor full face shield Disposable face shield PET clear plastic sheet Anti-fog clear PET plastic sheet for face shield OEM Design Anti-fog Transparent Plastic Face Shields Clear reusable protection safety face shields Anti fog plastic adjustable disposable PET face shield Anti splash face visor plastic protection shield Full protective shield plastic clear face visor Safety PET Plastic Clear Face Shield Protective Custom Transparent Plastic Face Protection Shield Wholesale Transparent Plastic Safe Protection Face Shield High Quality Durable Clear plastic Face Shield Medical Customized Full Clear Protective Face Visor 

Plastic Food Box

Plastic Lunch Box

Black take out disposable plastic food box Compartment disposable food takeaway plastic box Meal prep plastic compartment food storage lunch box Thermoforming take away disposable plastic food box Compartment take away disposable bento plastic lunch box 

Gewelry Box

Fancy ring necklace small luxury jewelry gift box Display packaging luxury ring jewelry box Custom Blue Round Jewelry Packaging Earring Storage Box PU Leather Portable Jewelery Packaging Gift Boxes Pu Leather Jewelry Box Portable Organizer Storage Case Earring Necklace Ring Packaging Jewelry Gift Box Travel Small Storage Ring Earring Velvet Jewelry Box Festival Birthday Cosmetic Lipstick Bow Ribbon Gift Box Round Mini Portable Carrying Jewelry Gift Storage Box Carrying Portable Waterproof Outdoor Jewelry Storage Box Woman Travel Portable PU Cosmetic Storage Bag Double Zipper Waterproof Travel Cosmetic Storage Bag Custom Leather Jewelry luxury Pendant Ring Boxes Fashion girl portable PU small jewelery storage box Green white earring leather jewelry packaging box 


Wholesale cute fashion PVC soft rubber keychain Stress relief silicone accessory plastic keychain 

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